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Top 5 SQL Data Recovery Software for PC

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Data loss can be a shattering scenario, especially when it is part of your most critical SQL server. Whether it is a server crash, deletion, or corrupting of files, valuable information can disappear in a second. But there is no need the worry, data analysts, if you work with powerful tools that can give you your lost data back from SQL and keep your systems working well, then you are lucky.

We’ll review the most effective 5 SQL data recovery tools for PCs by exploring their strengths and unique features to allow you to choose the one that will solve the problem of SQL data recovery for you.

  1. Stellar SQL Repair:

It possesses ease of use and can recover lost data up to 98%. It can tackle a lot of scenarios concerning data loss like corrupting MDF and NDF files, physical deletions and logical corruption. Stellar SQL Repair stands out in that it is capable of fixing broken databases without altering any data and finally you are sure that the information that is returned to you is correct.

  • SysTools SQL Recovery:

Another in-demand tool is SysTools SQL Recovery which is beneficial for fast database recovery even in a situation of a severely corrupted database. It is a two-scan mode scanner that can be used for basic scanning of minor problems and deeper scanning for the recovery of important files. This program will also give you the option to view the recoverable data before the full recovery process, hence you will be assured that the items are fully recovered before you get full commitment.

  • Aryson SQL Database Recovery:

A book that can be used in various versions of the SQL Server. Humanizing: Aryson SQL Database Recovery takes care of both logical and physical corruption, thus being a trustworthy tool for a variety of data loss scenarios. In addition to providing data in the CSV format, this feature also has the option of data extraction to XML format, thus making the information availability more flexible.

  • DataNumen SQL Recovery:

This veteran software that proudly carries a history of successful data recovery projects is a good choice. It is adaptable across various operating systems and versions of SQL Server, rendering it a flexible option for enterprises with diverse configurations.  It has found a specialty in restoring data from even extremely corrupted copies, which gives a ray of hope for anything that was believed to be lost.

  • Diskinternals MSSQL Recovery:

Diskinternals MSSQL Recovery, which is the fifth product on our list of the best SQL Server data recovery applications, is a very popular tool. This tool is precisely designed to rescue data from formatted or lost partitions, thus making it a great option for cases when data has been accidentally deleted. Diskinternals MSSQL Recovery is not limited to Windows solely but it also supports the Linux environment as well, and therefore, it gives wider compatibility for your data recovery needs.

Choosing the Right Tool for Data Recovery:

The best software selection depends on the type of data loss situation as well as the database operating system.

Here are several essential elements to contemplate when determining your selection.

Severity of Data Loss: Is it just about the minor corruption matter or the whole database destruction problem?

SQL Server Version: Your software should be able to work with the SQL Server version that you have.

Features: Is it necessary that the software have previews of the data, or can it extract data to specific formats?

Budget: The price trending of data recovery software varies. Estimate your needs and compare them with the pricing of the software.

Proactive Measures for SQL Data Protection:

Although data recovery software is a valuable tool, prevention remains the pill total. Here are some proactive steps to safeguard your valuable SQL data

Regular Backups: Enable a regular backup schedule as a fail-safe measure to have your database copy at the moment should any critical situations arise.

Error Handling and Logging: Set up your logger to display errors and put in place the appropriate error-handling mechanism to handle the issues as quickly as possible.

User Permissions: Provide precise user permissions to reduce the chances of deletions being done by mistake.


Data loss is probably very stressful but you can make it less stressful by using the right tools and preventative measures. In short, by utilizing top-notch SQL data recovery software and implementing sound data management practices, you can ensure the smooth operation of your critical databases and keep your valuable information safe.

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